Urban Healers is a soulful brotherhood for spiritual healing and transformation. Our goal is to initiate men in cities around the world into a culture of healthy manhood. We host monthly rituals and annual ceremonies for the purpose of unifying men through deep dialogue. You are welcome to attend one of our future events. We look forward to meeting you.

Passes on sale now for Urban Healers Citywide Ceremony for Healthy Manhood. "Free Inner Child" Passes now available for all to attend (men, women, non-binaries, and children welcome to attend). With a cast of Urban Healers, musical performers, Living Ancestors, and Roving Elders, we are now seeking Free Inner Children to join this Citywide Ceremony for Healthy Manhood.

As the archetype of the Free Inner Child is imperative for healthy manhood to flourish - people of any gender who are in-tune with their Free Inner Child are welcome to purchase a ticket and join us. Only 50 Free Inner Child passes available for 2019! These are the ONLY kind of tickets being sold to the general public. Get yours today.

Imagine a future where healthy manhood is celebrated around Oakland on this transformative day of music, workshops, and bonding archetypal allies. In the future, perhaps you'll run into a tribe of the fun-loving Yellow Sand Earth Men, perhaps have a meaningful discussion on spirituality with the Rainbow Serpent, maybe bump into the no-BS Black Serpent, or get some sexual consent tips from the Consent King. This is year one of our Citywide Ceremony for Healthy Manhood, and you could be one of the first to get in on the fun.

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